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About Us


EdGene BioMed is a customized Bioinformatics solution provider in various research areas of bioinformatics with great expertise in High Throughput Sequencing Data Analysis (DNA, RNA, ChIP, Metagenomics, Epigenetics, Methylation Etc.), Genome Editing using CRISPR, Functional Genomics, Immunoinformatics, Vaccine Design, Molecular Docking, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Functional Proteomics Etc.

Our services in above research areas are available as CONTRACT RESEARCH SERVICES or as WORKSHOPS/TRAINING. One can avail both the services to learn about the technology about getting the services done for their projects.


We have got Bioinformatics solutions in various research areas. Few of them listed below..!!

NGS Data Analysis

Different types of Next Generation Sequencing Analysis services available for your genomic data. May it be DNA, RNA, ChIP, T-Cell, RAD, Methylation, Metagenomic Samples.

Molecular Docking

Various types of Docking services are available with us. Right from Protein-Ligand, Protein-Protein, Enzyme-Substrate, Antigen-Antibody, DNA-Protein, RNA-Protein  Etc.


One of a kind service in the field of Immunology with the implementation of Bioinformatics tools we provide our Immunoinformatics services for various analysis.

Customized Bioinformatics Solutions for all your Research Needs!!


Learn about different types of sequencing processes and perform the data analysis on genomic data.

Learn about the complete process of drug discovery. Understand how to carry out novel Drug Discovery work on your own.

Understand and work on different aspects of Genome Editing & Gene Silencing with the concepts of Molecular Biology.